Design archive for 2016-04-04

Air that’s perfect to breathe

(3 years ago)
Writing about design can sometimes teach you a couple of things. For instance, today’s product is something I’ve encountered for the first time. An...

Best of Dog Milk: February + March 2016

(3 years ago)
From dog gear by Filson to a controversial question, mod dog lovers will enjoy this roundup of Feb+March's most popular posts from Dog Milk.

Weekend-Ready Rucksack

(3 years ago)
Alfred Yoo’s 11 22 Weekender bag gets heads turning with its free flowing looks and interesting variations on access! Inspired by traditional Korean heritage...

Odo Fioravanti ‘s 2nd 3D Printed Clutch for Maison 203

(3 years ago)
Ivy is a 3D printed clutch that sports a tropical, flower-like design that references old illustrations of found botanicals.

A Champ of a Bike Lamp

(3 years ago)
Designed for serious nighttime cyclists and leisurely riders alike, Astra is the next best thing to a fully integrated head lamp. The clean, stylish,...

A Better Detector

(3 years ago)
BEEEEP! When your smoke detector is going off it seems like the reset button is the HARDEST thing EVER to reach! With Rook, you...