Design archive for 2016-04-11

This vase is TWO adorable!

(4 years ago)
The two way pot is actually more than just a two way pot. It’s also a really pretty vase. Designed as an item with...

The vertical zoo of greenery

(4 years ago)
I apologise for how bleak I’m making the future seem. A few posts back, I spoke of a conceptual Space Greenhouse that would loom...

The Future Begins Now

(4 years ago)
Those are actually the words of BMW’s chairman of the board of management and CEO, Harald Krüger from the unveiling of the BMW Vision...

Squarespace + TypeKit = Kick A** Website!

(4 years ago)
You already know Squarespace is awesome, but Typekit makes it even better!

Pets Need Personal Space Too

(4 years ago)
If you’re like me, you don’t want your pet on the furniture, but you also want him to have a comfy place of his...

A Stretchy Twist on the Table

(4 years ago)
The “R EX08″ table is a lot more fun than its technical name might suggest! It’s kinda reminiscent of Nickelodeon Gak or even bubble...