Design archive for 2016-04-15

Freaky Furniture!

(4 years ago)
I’ll just admit I left the craziest design for the end. Pull me to life, a drawer designed by Juno Jeon, takes references from...

The science of lighting

(4 years ago)
The Chemistry lamps are sure to rekindle your love for the science laboratory again! Quirky, cool, and pretty simple, these lamps are just beuilt...

Great wheels, baby!

(4 years ago)
I’ve always been an ardent admirer of Chicco’s designs. They’re beautifully designed in a way that not only attracts children, but also the the...

The Minimalist Multi-Clock

(4 years ago)
The latest from time-enthusiast Vadim Kibardin, the Classic Duet Wall Clock is so named for its dual analog/digital time reading features. It’s super-simplistic, with...

Liquid Looking Lighting

(4 years ago)
Though it looks purposefully liquid-like, the Fabric Light Radiolaria is all about appreciating nature’s simple, yet advanced design process! To replicate these natural processes,...

Back to 1

(4 years ago)
The original red car that ruled the roads before Ferrari makes a comeback to Formula 1 in this far-out concept! Unlike traditionally angular F1s,...