Design archive for 2016-04-19

Better than watching the moon in 4K

(4 years ago)
Brace yourself for a lot of moon pictures! The Moon lamp has me absolutely gobsmacked. The idea, execution, and attention to detail, all make...

100 Days, 100 Illustrations by Studio Estramuros

(4 years ago)
What happens when an architecture studio decides to dedicate 100 days to creating an illustration per day?


(4 years ago)
The Splyt light looks like a modern day, minimalist Christmas tree, with its branches and lights. It’s actually just an ingenious system of sockets...

The Cam Case

(4 years ago)
There are plenty of multifunctional smartphone cases out there, but none quite like the Cam Case! It’s designed with a built-in lens enahancement for...

Audacious Audi

(4 years ago)
The Audi White Noise concept isn’t just named for its stark, minimalist aesthetic and pure white color, it’s named for its truly unique sound...

The Less is More Wallet

(4 years ago)
Nobody wants a big, bulky wallet but the more minimal you go… the less room you have for the stuff you need, right?! Introducing,...