Design archive for 2016-04-25

ARiNA Bluetooth Speaker Is 360° of Sound

(4 years ago)
Even while turned off, this unique wireless speaker works as functional catch-all storage for keys, coins, watches or phones.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

(4 years ago)
Mirror Mirror was inspired by our very human search for the self and our modern obsession with image which is reflected through social media....

dotdotdot.frame: A Customizable, Space-Saving Storage System

(4 years ago)
Leonid Davydov worked with a team of experts to design a customizable, space-saving storage system called dotdotdot.

New Wax Rax Collection Coming to ICFF

(4 years ago)
Brooklyn metal fabricator David Stanavich unveils a new ICFF collection of furniture designed with the vinyl collector in mind.

An Explosion of Portable Power!

(4 years ago)
Introducing, innovative charging that’s da bomb! It’s called Powerbomb and it packs a powerful, portable punch of charge to any of your devices. Not...

Origami Obsession

(4 years ago)
The awe-inspiring Resch lighting series earns its namesake from inspirational 1960s artist Ron Resch, famous for his tesselations. The pendant luminaire is an adaptation...