Design archive for 2016-05-30

Shoes that come in twos

(4 years ago)
Shoes that come in twosThe Y3 shoe by Chanel Shi comes in two variants. One of them has a plain, no-nonsense avatar, but with a sole that gives...

Tactile Time

(4 years ago)
Tactile TimeI used to enjoy a time when mobile phones had tactile keyboards. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually typed out full...

HTC got ’em curves!

(4 years ago)
HTC got ’em curves!The HTC One concept is highly reminiscent of Sony Xperia’s phone design. The curved side profile reminds me of the Xperia Arc. However, the...

A Modern Lounge Chair We Love

(4 years ago)
A Modern Lounge Chair We LoveRather than choose a material with which to construct it, designer Sahil Singh allowed the Aero chair’s steel material and its unique flexibility to...

The Third Dimension of Cooking

(4 years ago)
The Third Dimension of CookingA small kitchen can discourage people from cooking at home and eating healthy. To combat this problem, the Axis 3D cooking system allows users...

Finally, a projector to be proud of!

(4 years ago)
Finally, a projector to be proud of!My new place has a big white wall above the fireplace, so I was thinking about ditching my TV and looking into getting a...