Design archive for 2016-06-09

Be the bass!

(11 months ago)
Be the bass!You know how your body resonates with the kick drum at clubs? You can literally feel your heart beating to the music… and it’s...

Faucet that takes a dip!

(11 months ago)
Faucet that takes a dip!The Noah brings the intuitive action of ‘tipping over’ to the faucet. The faucet has been associated with the twisting action since time immemorial,...

Mile High Headphones

(11 months ago)
Mile High HeadphonesWe’ll do just about anything to make the time pass while flying and now that includes putting together our headphones! The Phitek Nebula headphones...

Aesop Bucktown by Norman Kelley

(11 months ago)
A store inspired by a close observation of architectural grids, like those found in the innovative areas of inner Chicago.

Flat-Pack Never Looked So Pretty

(11 months ago)
Flat-Pack Never Looked So PrettyDespite its structural footprint, Shift is unbelievably designed to be flat-packed! To get so flat, the shade is made of perforated metal sheeting covered...

Leave Your Tray in Charge

(11 months ago)
Leave Your Tray in ChargeA little tray can go a long way to keep your knick knack, keys, phone and more organized! Now, Layer Design’s Charge Trays take...