Design archive for 2016-06-10

Bedside Butler!

(4 years ago)
Bedside Butler!Not all of us can afford a Jeeves, or an Alfred, or a Jarvis in our life to cater to all our needs. However,...

Cases that are Aces!

(4 years ago)
Cases that are Aces!Any regular battery case for the iPhone looks better than Apple’s atrocious battery case; but the Prong case for the iPhone makes every other...

A Chair with Hidden Meanings

(4 years ago)
The Connesso chair gives nod to the hidden history of Le Corbusier and the ideals of a modern city.

A Balloon Beacon of Hope

(4 years ago)
A Balloon Beacon of HopeTechnology has come a long way in giving mass populations advanced warning of oncoming natural disasters, but the problem of what to do following...

Back to the Wheel

(4 years ago)
Back to the WheelThis far-out transportation concept is in some ways a reduction in form to the basic wheel, and in others a total technological advancement that’s...

A Future Fridge for the forgetful

(4 years ago)
A Future Fridge for the forgetfulWhile the most obvious upgrade to a fridge is a fridge that connects to your phone and allows you to run Buzzfeed tasty videos...