Design archive for 2016-07-27

Ever had kitchen-envy?

(4 years ago)
Ever had kitchen-envy?Get ready for a bad case of it! The Luxury Kitchen Armagh is a refurbished project for clients that wanted “wow factor” features. Features like a...

Garden Modules by Luisa + Lilian Parrado

(4 years ago)
Geometric wall modules that can be arranged to hold potted plants.

A Baby Sling for Hipster Parents!

(4 years ago)
A Baby Sling for Hipster Parents!Not only aesthetically awesome, the Roga baby carrier is uniquely functional to make parents’ lives easier (and more stylish!). The flexible design envelopes little ones to...

A Twist on the Gas Mask

(4 years ago)
A Twist on the Gas MaskWhen we think of gas masks, we immediately envision goggles with a large contraption placed over the mouth. That’s because the design has largely gone unchanged...

Unconventional Driving Pleasure

(4 years ago)
Unconventional Driving PleasureEver wanted to fly just inches from the ground?! Ok, me neither. But after checking out this concept, you might just wanna give it a shot!...