Design archive for 2016-08-04

Hey Vespa, you still make scooters?

(4 years ago)
Hey Vespa, you still make scooters?You remember the time when some rather adventurous designers tried imagining what it would be like if Vespa made a camera? Well now I ask you...

Fresh From The Dairy: Motivation

(4 years ago)
Hey, you - yeah you! Need a pick me up? How about some encouragement? Words to live by? Well, here ya go...

Top-of-the-Line Tactical Timepiece

(4 years ago)
Top-of-the-Line Tactical TimepieceThe Ascent Survival Paracord Watch was designed to be the most effective tool in your arsenal of outdoor gear. Though it’s aesthetically minimalist and sleek, this...

Micro Music!

(4 years ago)
Micro Music!It’s 2016, can we do away with earphone cables already?? I’m a fan of the headphone jack, I’ll say. But fiddly wires, not really. I’ve hopped...

Handy Hyundai Stuff!

(4 years ago)
Handy Hyundai Stuff!Much like their motorcars, the Hyundai Collection was designed with restraint and sustainability in mind. The collection expresses simplicity in the form of unique travel products...

Recycled Relic Lighting

(4 years ago)
Recycled Relic LightingThe Foam Cloud project consists of three “clouds of light” located at three different points in the exhibition space at the Photography Museum of Amsterdam (FOAM)....