Design archive for 2016-09-06

An entertaining Egg-tool!

(4 years ago)
An entertaining Egg-tool!I’ve got this design to show you, but for the first time, I’ve got nothing concrete to say about it. The Egg Tool caught my eye,...

Fighting Fire with Function

(4 years ago)
Fighting Fire with FunctionFire Extinguishers are strange products, psychologically speaking. You want them, but you don’t want to have to use them. When you do, you want them to...

Grating Just Got Easier

(4 years ago)
Grating Just Got EasierMy kitchen, like many of yours is filled with gadgets and gizmos to prepare food. My utensils drawer has many graters and slicers that I thought...

Divide and Drool

(4 years ago)
Divide and DroolEven the people who did pathetically at maths in school will create a ruckus if they get a slightly smaller size of a cake, pie, or...

Keep Your Hands Dry At Any Size

(4 years ago)
Keep Your Hands Dry At Any SizeFor most people, using a public bathroom is a no-brainer. You go in, do your business and then wash and dry your hands and leave. We...