Design archive for 2016-09-12


(4 years ago)
Atmos-clear!There’s a certain beauty to the Atmus Air Purifier design by Myeonghoon Lee. It doesn’t look too industrial, nor does it look too artistic. It strikes...

Industrially Incredible Coffee

(4 years ago)
Industrially Incredible CoffeeHere’s a design aesthetic I haven’t seen in a while! This coffee roasting machine has a wonderful Cubist style comprising elements that are integrated physically, but...

Most Buzzed Designs of August 2016

(4 years ago)
Most Buzzed Designs of August 2016Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in August 2016....

Pretty Little Desktop Water-volcano

(4 years ago)
Pretty Little Desktop Water-volcanoRemember how I used to talk about the demise of Form Follows Function? The Watercone seems to fit well into that theory. The outward shape of...

Cutlery for Cool Cavemen

(4 years ago)
Cutlery for Cool CavemenThere’s something about tradition that makes food taste different, taste better. Even today, you can tell from just the taste of the food whether the spices...