Design archive for 2016-09-13

Green Cuisine!

(4 years ago)
Green Cuisine!As a bachelor, I cook. Sometimes ramen, sometimes stuff a little more elaborate. As a bachelor, I also burn my food. The overhead chimney doesn’t help...


(4 years ago)
Bathematics!Your life gets put into perspective when you know exactly how much you’re consuming… or wasting. The Eco-pulse is a shower controller that tells you exactly...

Mighty Morphin’ Mouse!

(4 years ago)
Mighty Morphin’ Mouse!Okay, I’ll say it. The Scarab Mouse/Gamepad is seriously cool! I absolutely love the idea of having a mouse transform into a fully functional gamepad with...

This Audi takes care of emissions!

(4 years ago)
This Audi takes care of emissions!The guys at PDF Haus know how to keep us entertained with product/brand crossovers. They gave us the Vespa coffee machine, a Dyson coffee machine, a...

Your bed is dirtier than you think!

(4 years ago)
Your bed is dirtier than you think!The Bed Care Table should be the first appliance one installs in a bachelor’s house. Bachelor beds are nasty, and I say that because my bed’s...