Design archive for 2016-09-15

Sound that you can Stack

(4 years ago)
Sound that you can StackAny external Bluetooth speaker you buy, you’ll always notice one thing. It’s usually always a singular product. It may be stereo, but it’s one brick-shaped product,...

The Lego of the new world

(4 years ago)
The Lego of the new worldLook at your screen. An ever changing window that displays whatever you want it to. The secret? Pixels. Pixels are the atoms of the new-age. They...

The Tandoori Textbook!

(4 years ago)
The Tandoori Textbook!In designer parlance, when you bake artwork, it usually means making it permanent. So all your effects get rasterized, you can’t go back and make edits....

An Extinguisher for Dummies

(4 years ago)
An Extinguisher for DummiesTake one look at your typical fire extinguisher and you’ll agree they’re not all that intuitive to use. Take one look at Firo and you’ll know...

Arachnophile Lighting

(4 years ago)
Arachnophile LightingMinimalistic in style yet complex in shape, the Spider collection offers a diverse selection of spindly lighting solutions for every type of space. Varying between table,...