Design archive for 2016-09-16

Drinking water, underwater!

(12 months ago)
Drinking water, underwater!Seems like a stupid thing to need a water bottle underwater, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised! Sea Water isn’t potable and should under no circumstances be...

Sun-Powered Luxury Sailing

(12 months ago)
Sun-Powered Luxury SailingDuffy London has developed the Solaris Global Cruiser, a luxury motor yacht that harnesses the power of the sun to provide free, clean fuel. Users can...

Compact Cardio

(12 months ago)
Compact CardioSpinning is all the rage, but unless you’ve got a dedicated workout room at home, chances are you have to trek to the gym anytime you...

A Self-Warming Water Bottle

(12 months ago)
A Self-Warming Water BottleThere are plenty of variations in reusable water bottle designs, but none quite like the Solar Waterbag! The flexible, filled bag is made to unroll, flatten...