Design archive for 2016-09-20

‘Back’ to the future!

(4 years ago)
‘Back’ to the future!Dullahan is a strange sort of product. It isn’t functional, but it’s incredibly interactive and futuristic, with a good deal of aesthetic appeal. Call it a...

Putting the Stud in Studio Apartments!

(4 years ago)
Putting the Stud in Studio Apartments!I’ve noticed architects and interior designers always have completely bad-ass houses. Makes me wonder why I never took that up myself, because I still sleep in...

WinZip for your luggage!

(4 years ago)
WinZip for your luggage!No matter how much space optimization your suitcase company does, ultimately you’ve got to wonder…Maybe you’re not packing right. You’ll be surprised how much air you...

When a Table is a Tablet

(4 years ago)
When a Table is a TabletForget the iPad Pro! Meet the CROSS2DESIGN Smart Table! Just as it sounds, this interesting marriage of two unlike objects is a hybrid table and tablet...

Perch up on this!

(4 years ago)
Perch up on this!The Nest collection boldly challenges the conventions of the traditional bar stool and sofa, melding the two together to create innovative, upholstered, high and low lounge...