Design archive for 2016-09-23

The doorknob that cries “Fire!”

(4 years ago)
The doorknob that cries “Fire!”I just had to leave this design for the end of the week. The Bleep is unsuspecting, apparently mundane, but incredible to the extent that it...

Please wear your seatbelts!

(4 years ago)
Please wear your seatbelts!I firmly believe that the design process applies to futuristic design too. You can only make so many futuristic products that just have AI in every...

Avatar-esque Lighting

(4 years ago)
Avatar-esque LightingLUME is a far-out lighting solution that harnesses the power of bioluminescence to bring natural light to your living space. The core of this concept is...

Press Play for Fresh

(4 years ago)
Press Play for FreshSpeakers have come a long way from being a big, bulky, black box stuffed in the corner of a room. These days, a well-designed speaker can...

Not Just Another Knife

(4 years ago)
Not Just Another KnifeInsert man-growl here! This Fiskars knife concept is the ultimate outdoorsman’s tool. Whether it’s sawing or cutting with it’s double-edge blade, it’s designed with interchangeable ergonomics...