Design archive for 2016-09-26

A child’s leafy friend

(3 years ago)
A child’s leafy friendChildren are truly pure and innocent at heart. Remember that video that went viral of the girl who was literally moved to tears by the plight...

Zen amidst the chaos

(3 years ago)
Zen amidst the chaosCentral London. Bustling. Central New York. Crowded. Central Mumbai. Congested. Central Tokyo… surprisingly calming. Residence K is a home designed for a space in the heart...

Le Mans Goes Green

(3 years ago)
Le Mans Goes GreenThere have been a few electric proposals for future Le Mans races but this Pagani is one of the first that harnesses hydrogen power! Called the...

Shape-shift Seating

(3 years ago)
Shape-shift SeatingAt first glance, this simplistic cube stool looks rigid and inflexible… perhaps, even uncomfortable. Take a seat, however, and you’ll find its cleverly constructed to adapt...

Specialized Smart Glasses

(3 years ago)
Specialized Smart GlassesIronically, smart specs (like Google Glasses) turned out to be a pretty dumb idea for mainstream users. The tech wasn’t quite there and the idea of...