Design archive for 2016-09-27

Sweet Suite!

(12 months ago)
Sweet Suite!The One Apartment design project may be for a housing complex in Kiev, Ukraine, but honestly, it looks like the perfect set-up for a sitcom! For...

A Fan of Good Design!

(12 months ago)
A Fan of Good Design!PDF Haus are back once again with their design hybrids. This time it’s Braun and its take on a standing fan. What if Braun made a...

Electric Indulgence

(12 months ago)
Electric IndulgenceCombining the best of luxury and clean performance, the new Edorado 7S is unlike any other electric boat that sails the waters today. With its unique...

Apple of my i!

(12 months ago)
Apple of my i!In the struggle to create a smart wearable device, we really warped the meaning of “watch” didn’t we? Pocket watches seem to have been completely forgotten....

For Hungry Hikers

(12 months ago)
For Hungry HikersA good barbecue can complete a camping trip but few have the capacity to feed more than one small person and others are too large to...

A Wee Workspace

(12 months ago)
A Wee WorkspaceMinimalistic in material and aesthetics, BEA is a reduced workspace concept that makes no sacrifices for style over functionality. The handsome collection includes a two-legged desk,...