Design archive for 2016-09-29

Aerodynamic Audio!

(11 months ago)
Aerodynamic Audio!This Beosound Wireless Speaker concept looks like it’s waiting to be cast in a SciFi movie, but no, it isn’t a UFO. It’s a pretty neat...

A watch like you’ve never seen

(11 months ago)
A watch like you’ve never seenYou know, I thought we were done with watches. I’ve seen so many now that are just derivatives of either analog watches, or of digital watches,...

Where there is light, there is shadow.

(11 months ago)
Where there is light, there is shadow.Divided/By watch is inspired by the natural phenomenon of light and shadow. It applies this relationship to form the simplest way of displaying time. No dials,...

Being Lazy Just Got Easier

(11 months ago)
Being Lazy Just Got EasierThis quirky design will make you giggle but it’s actually quite sensible! The first of its kind, the Lazy Pad was designed for those of us...

The Back-saving Shovel

(11 months ago)
The Back-saving ShovelShovel designs have addressed the handles in different forms but the design of the blade itself has never been reconsidered. The Stealth Shovel, named for its...