Design archive for 2016-10-03

What Headphones do I wear today?

(3 years ago)
What Headphones do I wear today?If you’ve ever owned an expensive pair of headphones, you’ll have noticed that all your music sounds good when it plays through them. Cheaper headphones usually...

The Hololens Helmet!

(3 years ago)
The Hololens Helmet!Now that cycling is officially the greenest and most hipster mode of transport, we should tech it up a bit. DCA Optic is a helmet for...

Time is ticking and clicking!

(3 years ago)
Time is ticking and clicking!Here’s an interesting study I came across recently. The sudden boom of the selfie culture has actually conditioned some humans into smiling every time they see...

Pet Power

(3 years ago)
Pet PowerMeet Teddy, Lucky, and Frank – 3 friendly Energy Pets that will accompany your smartphone for an extra boost of power just when you need it!...

Recharge While You Wait

(3 years ago)
Recharge While You WaitWhen you’re on the move, the solar-powered Mito is a multifunctional street object designed to give you a place to park and charge! Designed as an attractive addition...