Design archive for 2016-10-06


(4 years ago)
Transportable!You’ve seen tonnes of portable conveyance systems, but none are as elegant as Raven here. Raven is a portable scooter that’s all about simplicity. It simply...

SoundCloud on your Desktop

(4 years ago)
SoundCloud on your DesktopDid you get that clever joke in the title?? Did you??

A Touch of Light

(4 years ago)
A Touch of LightThese days, a lamp should do more than just shine! That’s the idea behind Oma. It offers limitless control of indoor lighting by allowing the user...


(4 years ago)
Take-a-TableThe Table-case is one of the most efficient options an elevated display that you can take anywhere. Crafted from a single sheet of tri-wall cardboard, it’s...

Endorsement Made Easy

(4 years ago)
Endorsement Made EasyYou’re busy! Too busy to apply your signature all day… so give your hand a rest with this signature stamp inspired by Audi’s lux design. Its...