Design archive for 2016-10-07

Motorola just did a Phonebloks!

(4 years ago)
Motorola just did a Phonebloks!Alas, Google Ara. It wasn’t your time. May you rest in peace. However, thanks for giving us Moto Z! Moto Z is creating a buzz in...

Ditch your Smartphone alarm for Luna!

(4 years ago)
Ditch your Smartphone alarm for Luna!The modern lifestyle’s really been a blessing and curse to our sleeping patterns. I say curse, because we now sleep at erratic times, don’t get fitful...

The smartbag that makes smartwatches useless

(4 years ago)
The smartbag that makes smartwatches uselessThis bag has controls. CONTROLS! HiSmart is literally (and you can take my word for this) the most happening bag I’ve ever seen. Normally I’m never...

A Dog Leash for Dummies

(4 years ago)
A Dog Leash for DummiesA dog that pulls can be a drag! When it comes to walking, we often think it’s the animal that needs training when it’s really the...

Pair that Chair

(4 years ago)
Pair that ChairThere’s ne’er been a chair better as a pair! Appropriately named “Pair”, this seating solution was designed not just as a linkable set, but as a...

The Tron-vette!

(4 years ago)
The Tron-vette!Get your Tron on the next time you’re at Shanghai Disneyland! Designed by Daniel Simon with guidance from GM China, GM North America, and Disney, the...