Design archive for 2016-10-10

I can’t believe it isn’t Papier Mache!

(3 years ago)
I can’t believe it isn’t Papier Mache!You see a lamp, I see a great number of possibilities. The Dome is actually a Paper-Concrete Composite. So it’s paper based, yet sturdy. Think about...

A Less-is-More Moto

(3 years ago)
A Less-is-More MotoThe MONO RACR is a virtual bike that began with a “CLEAN and MEAN” design philosophy built around a 1000cc Honda in-line 4 cylinder motor. Aesthetically,...

Charging cable that turns the tables!

(3 years ago)
Charging cable that turns the tables!MicroUSBs suck. Lightning Connectors are alright. And I can’t help being a little amused but Apple’s Magsafe charger for the laptop clearly has the best kind...

Sexy Circuitry

(3 years ago)
Sexy CircuitryI just moved into a new house and the FIRST thing I did after the cable company set things up was HIDE their hideous black box!...

From gas-guzzler to eMoto

(3 years ago)
From gas-guzzler to eMotoThe guys at Union Motion took what started as a petrol-sucking 1998 Yamaha Fazer 600 and transformed it into a mean, clean, electric machine now known...