Design archive for 2016-10-11

Trust Tesla with futuristic drone designs!

(4 years ago)
Trust Tesla with futuristic drone designs!From attempting to conquer the red planet, to building red and white drones, Elon Musk does it all! The Tesla drone concept really does a revamp...

Would you touch-on the lights please?

(4 years ago)
Would you touch-on the lights please?The basic interaction that a human has with a switch hasn’t really changed in years. You either push-activate it, or flip-activate it. That’s also resulted in...

One Cool Bookshelf

(4 years ago)
One Cool BookshelfJust in time for winter, this icicle-inspired shelving brings a whole new level of “cool” to your interior space! Called the Melting Bookshelf, books are separated...

Camera and Selfie Stick(er)!

(4 years ago)
Camera and Selfie Stick(er)!I like the idea of taking a selfie. What I don’t like, is that elongated arm of mine stretching out of the frame of the picture....

Little Clip, Lotta Light

(4 years ago)
Little Clip, Lotta LightWinter is coming… but that doesn’t mean you have to be left in the dark! Perfect for cold weather, the “made in vain” light was designed...

A Helmet Kids Will Actually Wear!

(4 years ago)
A Helmet Kids Will Actually Wear!This clever design, called HelmetHair, explores the silly side of helmets in hopes that kids will be more inclined to protect their noggins! Shaped like a...