Design archive for 2016-10-12

CKIE Product of the week – Bookmark Light

(4 years ago)
CKIE Product of the week – Bookmark LightIsn’t it just wonderful when you read about something on a design blog and then you instantly get the opportunity to buy it for yourself?? We...

Duffy the Campfire Stayer!

(4 years ago)
Duffy the Campfire Stayer!Duffy’s a permanent tent, or a permatent! Crafted out of sheet metal, and just the right size, this shelter is perfect for outdoors. It sits on...

One Cozy Catamaran

(4 years ago)
One Cozy CatamaranThe Baikal 16 catamaran packs a plentiful amount of creature comforts on its dual-hull design. Both the exterior and interior of the catamaran have been designed...

What the Hype’s All About

(4 years ago)
What the Hype’s All AboutHype is an omni-directional, compact, hi-fi speaker that packs a powerful punch despite being so simple! The entire tip is actually the power button and it...

Bridging the Gap

(4 years ago)
Bridging the GapThe Fuse chair is so named for the way it stylishly brings together old and new materials to bridge a generational gap in design. Inspired by...