Design archive for 2016-10-19

Everything a power-bank should be

(4 years ago)
Everything a power-bank should beOne… is the power-bank we need. It’s bold, non-rectangular, and talented. Yes, the One is a talented power-bank that’s capable of charging your phone, as well...

The chair that’s just right

(4 years ago)
The chair that’s just rightIt’s very easy to design a chair that’s ornate and stands out. It’s also really easy to design a chair that blends in, comes along with...

Cup of Joe in a Jiffy!

(4 years ago)
Cup of Joe in a Jiffy!In a hurry and craving coffee? Need a boost while you’re stuck in a meeting? No need to run out to the coffee shop… keep your...

Mobile Metric Magic!

(4 years ago)
Mobile Metric Magic!After a while, technology tends to stop impressing. Wow, you can unlock your car with your phone? Sure, I saw it coming… The last thing to...

Not Your Grandma’s Egg Cup

(4 years ago)
Not Your Grandma’s Egg CupEgg cups have gone largely unchanged over the years… until now. This modern, sculptural twist on the egg cup turns your breakfast into a thing of...

Compact Commuting

(4 years ago)
Compact CommutingThe Transcender allows you to carry a clean energy vehicle with you just about anywhere you go! As two-wheeled commuting becomes more common, so does the...