Design archive for 2016-10-20

Advanced Appliance Aesthetics!

(4 years ago)
Advanced Appliance Aesthetics!The Belyse air purifier is a part of that era of products that celebrates ‘form follows emotion’. The designer raises the question that everything in the...

A Modern Take on an Age-Old Tool

(4 years ago)
A Modern Take on an Age-Old ToolA-frame is a modern twist on the “jigae”, a traditional Korean tool used in cities like Seoul to move packs through narrow alleys and corridors. The...

The Picnic-ready Projector

(4 years ago)
The Picnic-ready ProjectorAre you a movie buff who loves to picnic?! Layer was designed with you in mind. This clever creation, modeled after a lunchbox, makes it easy...

Designed for the Depths

(4 years ago)
Designed for the DepthsThe Pearl Diver is a compact second-stage, scuba regulator that incorporates a streamlined aesthetic. The product was designed to be more hydrodynamic, allowing easy movement through...