Design archive for 2016-10-21

There’s something about the Evoke

(4 years ago)
There’s something about the EvokeLet’s talk about the Evoke, one of the most pleasant looking wireless speakers I’ve seen in a while. The front grill has a beautiful pattern that...

Pack Smarter!

(4 years ago)
Pack Smarter!TROVAL. from FUHUA WANG on Vimeo. The Troval system eliminates the need for traveling with multiple, cumbersome devices so you can pack lighter and more efficiently!...

Nuke It in Style!

(4 years ago)
Nuke It in Style!I dare you to try finding a microwave that doesn’t kill your kitchen’s look and vibe! It’s next to impossible… until now. This minimalist microwave has...

A cosmic selfie for your birthday!

(4 years ago)
A cosmic selfie for your birthday!What if I told you you’ll never have to search for the perfect birthday or anniversary gift ever again? Once you get the concept behind the...

A wall-clock for the creature of the night!

(4 years ago)
A wall-clock for the creature of the night!There have been loads of times where design and art have blended into each other so much, I couldn’t tell the difference. This happens to be...