Design archive for 2016-10-24

The Abracadabra Appliance!

(4 years ago)
The Abracadabra Appliance!Of all the kitchen appliances there are, the toaster is my favorite. The interaction we have with the toaster always has that element of surprise, and...

My two wheeled Lambo

(4 years ago)
My two wheeled LamboEver wanted a supercar, but could only afford a bicycle? The Viks GT superimposes the aesthetic of Lamborgini’s Huracan on a bicycle frame. The result is...

The Skinny on Fire Safety

(4 years ago)
The Skinny on Fire SafetyThe common fire extinguisher has always been round, making it problematic for architects and designers who try to maximize the flow of a building while remaining...

Rugged Jewelry that’s Man-tastic!

(4 years ago)
Rugged Jewelry that’s Man-tastic!The fashion world doesn’t really cater to male, or even unisex fashion as much as it should. That’s where the tech wearables market jumped in, with...

Get Eco-cozy!

(4 years ago)
Get Eco-cozy!DI5 QFlow, Caloventor ecológico from Roque Federico Dorfman on Vimeo. Nothing’s an energy suck quite like a central heating system. The QFlow heater, however, aims to...

Oh Hello, Hypercar

(4 years ago)
Oh Hello, HypercarThe more we look, the more we love the Seligia hypercar concept. This low-slung speedster features an ultra-light construction with an aerodynamic body using advanced composite...