Design archive for 2016-10-25

The Baywatch inspired Drone!

(4 years ago)
The Baywatch inspired Drone!If you look at a drone, and at a hovercraft, there isn’t much difference between them. Both of them rely on fan-based propulsion, but just in...

No More FOMO!

(4 years ago)
No More FOMO!The FOMO Survival Kit isn’t really a survival kit. It’s what I would call artistic design, because rather than solving a purpose, it’s more of a...

A Travel Thermos with Poetic Grace

(4 years ago)
A Travel Thermos with Poetic GraceThe vessel you drink your coffee or any other beverage from has quite a large impact on the overall drinking experience. There’s something much more enjoyable...

See, Hear, & Breathe Easy

(4 years ago)
See, Hear, & Breathe EasyNOVA is more than just an air purifier. This “nomadic” product can be placed anywhere and everywhere to not only clean the surrounding air of pollen,...

Organized Chaos

(4 years ago)
Organized ChaosCaos from Alessandro Criscito on Vimeo. This artistic twist on the credenza ditches the doors for an entirely new way of storing and securing your stuff!...

A Smarter Shave

(4 years ago)
A Smarter ShaveHalo is a smart electric shaver/trimmer combo that learns your unique mug! Rather than rough up your face by going over areas up and down, over...