Design archive for 2016-10-26

Earphones for the white collar!

(4 years ago)
Earphones for the white collar!Samsung does premium phones well. The Galaxy series handle functionality and multitasking with great ease (hardware ‘problems’ aside!). Even Samsung’s Gear watch looks absolutely dapper… However...

Sushi for the interior designer’s soul

(4 years ago)
Sushi for the interior designer’s soulThe Kido Sushi Bar by DA Architects is such a visual treat, you’ll probably pay less attention to your food! Beautiful geometric patterns made in wood...

Salt ‘n Pepper for Dummies

(4 years ago)
Salt ‘n Pepper for DummiesSometimes the simplest of objects can cause unnecessary confusion. That’s the sentiment behind this twist on the salt and pepper shaker. Think about how many times...

Purist Coffee Brewing

(4 years ago)
Purist Coffee BrewingThe IIKONE is designed to be a piece of industrial art on your kitchen counter top! This minimalist brewer design brings a purist approach to pour-over...