Design archive for 2016-11-03

The Marvelous Merc!

(11 months ago)
The Marvelous Merc!Are you seeing that, Yanko fam? Isn’t that the most curvilinear car you’ve ever seen? The Mercedes Concept I is a rather sculpted conceptual coupe design...

Does your bike even flex, bro?

(11 months ago)
Does your bike even flex, bro?Take a look at the Flex Bike’s frame and tell me what looks unusual. Spotted it? You’ll notice that it’s split at quite a few spaces....

Easy Zzz’s

(11 months ago)
Easy Zzz’sPut a little spritz in your sleep with MST! An alternative to the CPAP machine used to treat sleep apnea, this smart sleep-monitoring device tracks the...

The Halo lets you see all!

(11 months ago)
The Halo lets you see all!Humans have peripheral vision. This means we see everything within a 120 degree span. The tragedy of the head-mounted lamp is that it never considered that....

A Stone Massage Like No Other

(11 months ago)
A Stone Massage Like No OtherBased on the pebbles found on Sweden’s beaches, Claesson Koivisto Rune created this massaging floor pillow to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is tension relieving....

Pay It Back to the Planet

(11 months ago)
Pay It Back to the PlanetWhat if plastic trash could be turned into something good for nature? The Back to Nature concept answers this question by turning plastic waste into something...