Design archive for 2016-11-07

A New type of Toy Story

(4 years ago)
A New type of Toy StoryWe’ve seen a great deal of lathe-made toys in our time. Japan has a rich history of lathe-spun toys, the Kokeshi doll being probably the most...

Introducing, Appliance Decor

(4 years ago)
Introducing, Appliance DecorThe air conditioner of our day, contradictory to pretty much everything we meticulously choose in our houses, is somehow bound to be ugly. But what if...

Kit for the Covert Cool-Cat

(4 years ago)
Kit for the Covert Cool-CatStealth planes had aesthetics completely different from those of regular planes, didn’t they? You would expect a stealth fighter jet to be incredibly aerodynamic/flowy, but no…...

Convertible Celerina Table

(4 years ago)
Convertible Celerina TableWith as many opportunities to work from home now a days, there are so many pros, and very few cons that come along with that. However,...

Putting the ‘e’ in Retro

(4 years ago)
Putting the ‘e’ in RetroThe Vispa eBike combines a bit of nostalgic appeal with modern e-drive tech, breathing new life into the Piaggio brand. The little, green, baby brother to...