Design archive for 2016-11-09

The Stable Unstable Table

(4 years ago)
The Stable Unstable TableWhen you look at the Ten desk, the first thing to grab your eye is that it looks a little off. It looks like it may...


(4 years ago)
Burniture!Is it too soon to make a Samsung joke?? Well, I would have said something incredibly clever about how the Burnt Stool looks like it was...

Huxley’s Ladder – Fully Functioning Furniture

(4 years ago)
Huxley’s Ladder – Fully Functioning FurnitureHaving recently moved into a new home with very high ceilings and not a lot of storage space, I know how important it is to have...

Snack Packs Just for the Car

(4 years ago)
Snack Packs Just for the CarOur modern schedules leave us with little time for lunch which often results in chowing down in the car! The Lunch on the Go: Snack Cup...

Frost Free Drinking Water

(4 years ago)
Frost Free Drinking WaterWhen you defrost your freezer, all that precious H2O goes to waste! The ARA system was designed to turn this frost into drinkable water, simultaneously preventing...

A bit of the future, a bit of the past

(4 years ago)
A bit of the future, a bit of the pastYou may not see gramophones around anymore, but even if you have, you sure as hell haven’t seen anything like the Infinium. Inspired by the burst...