Design archive for 2016-11-15

If Spielberg made streetlights

(11 months ago)
If Spielberg made streetlightsAny reference to aliens, you’ll always notice a certain set of recurring imagery. A lone meadow or park at night, and a cow (for some reason)...

The first Rent-A-Barbecue!

(11 months ago)
The first Rent-A-Barbecue!When I say the word ‘barbecue’ you think of your backyard, or your friend’s backyard, right? Barbecue never left the backyard, honestly. It was always close...

Good Design killed Velcro!

(11 months ago)
Good Design killed Velcro!I think it’s safe to say it was high time Velcro died. It never had its place in fashion… it was always so tacky and noisy,...

A Twist on the Tea Bag

(11 months ago)
A Twist on the Tea BagAromea is a twist on the tea bag that gives you never before control over the strength of your tea! Its unique functionality lies in the...

A Carefree e-Kettle

(11 months ago)
A Carefree e-KettleStandard stove-top kettles are great for getting that perfect pour while electric ones are often awkward to handle due to their size and weight. This redesign...