Design archive for 2016-11-21

Pimp my ride: Bicycle Edition

(4 years ago)
Pimp my ride: Bicycle EditionTake a car, and a bike, and you’ll agree there are a few basic differences between them. Bikes don’t have windows, don’t have ACs, seatbelts… and...

The Life + Life Jacket

(4 years ago)
The Life + Life JacketThe entire idea of having a smaller life jacket for a child seemed good until I saw the Connect Life Jacket. It made me ask two...

Be Cool and Safe in B’twin!

(4 years ago)
Be Cool and Safe in B’twin!Designed for the B’Coool Bike specialized for the city of B’twin, France, the B’Safe Security Pack is the perfect peripheral addition that gives users enhanced safety...

Positive And Negative Can Play Well Together

(4 years ago)
Positive And Negative Can Play Well TogetherWhen you think of positive and negative, you think of things counteracting each other. Not the case with the Positive Negative Bar Counter designed by Xiaofei...

The Smart and Social Chef-Maker

(4 years ago)
The Smart and Social Chef-MakerKitchenbook offers everyone from seasoned chefs to amateur cooks a whole new way to share their cooking skills with the world! Users can create a unique...