Design archive for 2016-11-22

But Baby it’s cold outside!

(4 years ago)
But Baby it’s cold outside!Google Now, Siri, Cortana, they’re all great. They’ll tell you what time your favorite movie is playing at your nearby theater. They’ll tell you which roads...

A Living Room on Wheels!

(4 years ago)
A Living Room on Wheels!The VW Zimmer concept imagines autonomous cars of the future as a living room on wheels! Because you have your own style and needs, so would...

A Slice of the Universe on your Wrist

(4 years ago)
A Slice of the Universe on your WristWhen I look at the Cosmos, I feel like a sailor, steering a ship through not water, but infinite space. The Cosmos is an incredibly exquisite...

Distinctive Drones

(4 years ago)
Distinctive DronesDroning has transformed from a hobby for a select few who could get their hands on one to an international craze that groups of friends can...