Design archive for 2016-12-01

Skeletal Seating

(11 months ago)
Skeletal SeatingThe Stratum chair looks too organic to be man made, doesn’t it?? Designed by Ammar Kalo, the chair explores two things. Firstly, the designer attempts at...

Carry your Gym with you

(11 months ago)
Carry your Gym with youThis seemingly unsuspecting boomerang-ish piece of wood and metal is in fact a full fledged gym in itself! The Yoak (wonder why it’s named so) is...

This Lamp’s All Touchy-Feely!

(11 months ago)
This Lamp’s All Touchy-Feely!We’ve lots all physical connection with our lights! Whether it’s from a button, switch, or a smartphone, we’re remotely controlling the light whereas before people had...

Same shoe, new comfort

(11 months ago)
Same shoe, new comfortDid you know that there are ten different parts of your body that can be affected by wearing the wrong or right shoe? That’s right. Shoes...

A Savior at Sea

(11 months ago)
A Savior at SeaMultiple drownings occur every year due to man overboard situations…but with all the advancements in safety equipment, why is this till happening? Designer Corban Warrington’s findings...

A Mic for Dummies!

(11 months ago)
A Mic for Dummies!Ink Studios’ Streaming Microphone is a far cry from the costly, complicated audio mics currently available to the streaming community. This hip new type of microphone...