Design archive for 2016-12-05

Chill on the hill!

(3 years ago)
Chill on the hill!Most architects don’t even attempt the Mountain Cliff Hotel idea. It seems incredible, but poses some serious engineering risks. However that doesn’t stop us from creating...

Floating ferromagnetic furniture

(3 years ago)
Floating ferromagnetic furnitureI imagine it’s a lot of fun sitting on a chair that’s levitating in the air. The Torso Magnetic Chair looks pretty enticing, and I can...

Autonomous Trucks of the Future

(3 years ago)
Autonomous Trucks of the FutureThe age of autonomous cars is upon us and it’s not only passenger vehicles we can expect to change! The Volvo Autonomous Trailer AT404 explores what...

Your devices, your data, your server, in your home!

(3 years ago)
Your devices, your data, your server, in your home!If Hillary Clinton’s online data isn’t safe, I don’t know who’s is. That’s the problem with cloud computing these days, honestly. Everyone’s data is stored on...

Cutting Edge Cool Audio

(3 years ago)
Cutting Edge Cool AudioThe Rezo speaker was designed for mobility inside the modern home. Not only technically adapted to provide high-quality audio, it features a tasteful fabric front/back cover...

The Most Convenient Cornflakes Ever

(3 years ago)
The Most Convenient Cornflakes EverMilk & Flakes is a cleverly designed packaging solution that makes it possible for kids to have a tasty breakfast treat anywhere from home to school!...