Design archive for 2016-12-06

Let physics hold your table together

(11 months ago)
Let physics hold your table togetherTake a look at the Multi Tier Shelf for a bit. Do you notice how the shelf is held together not by fixtures, but by sheer...

Lightweight Laundromat

(11 months ago)
Lightweight LaundromatAlmost all consumer electronics have experienced the ‘portability’ wave, haven’t they? Vacuum cleaners became hand-held dustbusters, stoves have been portable for ages now. Even the refrigerator...

Yanko Claus Gift #2: Squarestreet SQ31 Watch

(11 months ago)
Yanko Claus Gift #2: Squarestreet SQ31 WatchPure black aluminum seems to be in major style this year. So what if you couldn’t get your hands on the iPhone 7 jet black edition,...

Pace for the Win

(11 months ago)
Pace for the WinCompetitive athletes’ success can be determined by between mere milliseconds or even a millimeter! This means they must take into account every possible factor to ensure...

One Cool Stool

(11 months ago)
One Cool StoolWe don’t often consider the everyday stool to be conforming (or even very comfortable) to the user in the same way as many other seating solutions....

World’s First Wearable Sled!

(11 months ago)
World’s First Wearable Sled!Winter is almost in full swing, which means it’s about time to make the most of some fresh powdery snow. This season, strap on some Sled...