Design archive for 2016-12-09

Audi… From Roads to Clothes!

(3 years ago)
Audi… From Roads to Clothes!Designers seem to show a lot of love towards Audi. Scan through YD and you’ll find it decorated with Audi concepts ranging from the obvious automobiles...

Sophisticated Outside, Party Inside!

(3 years ago)
Sophisticated Outside, Party Inside!This proposal for the Barcelona Tramway aims to reflect the core values of the city and the energy that keeps it moving. The exterior is streamlined...

Yanko Claus Gift #3: Raycop

(3 years ago)
Yanko Claus Gift #3: RaycopAt this rate, we’re competing with Santa! Welcome to this holiday season’s third giveaway in a month! As we move further, the gifts keep getting better,...

The Carpe Diem Clock!

(3 years ago)
The Carpe Diem Clock!Every passing second is a unique moment in time that will never exist again. The Etch clock is a reminder of this sentiment and encourages us...

Refined Ripples

(3 years ago)
Refined RipplesFuturistic yet oh-so-refined, the Axis lounger redefines modern luxury with its avant-garde base and polished pillows. The design takes inspiration from military aircraft and its rippled...