Design archive for 2016-12-12

Your Secret’s Safe with Privy

(11 months ago)
Your Secret’s Safe with PrivyPrivy is the perfect name for this high-end security system designed to be a digital watchdog over all your devices! It offers 2 factor authentication to...

Captivating Cat Quencher

(11 months ago)
Captivating Cat QuencherCat owner/lover or not, you’ve seen this video somewhere on the internet where cats go crazy licking these frozen ice spheres. In fact, let me link...

Half the Size… Double the Life!

(11 months ago)
Half the Size… Double the Life!Sometimes you don’t need a functional product that’s over the top. You just want something simple, supreme and soulful. It’s therefore important to cater to both...

Safeguard Your Shave

(11 months ago)
Safeguard Your ShaveI’m traveling at the moment and unable to clean up my messy mug because my razor was damaged during the flight! Sigh… if only I had...

An Otherworldly Watch

(11 months ago)
An Otherworldly WatchWhether it’s via the air, land, or sea, fantastic voyages have long inspired timepiece design and the modern Odyssey watch is no exception. The masculine design...