Design archive for 2016-12-13

All hail the Wireless Power Bank!

(11 months ago)
All hail the Wireless Power Bank!Well, this is exactly what the smartphone industry needs. Better chargers! While we’ve completely gone to trash on battery advancement (we’re literally carrying around dynamite in...


(11 months ago)
An(Tea)dote!Tea is the world’s number 1 beverage. Even with the advancements that coffee may have made in the past century, people still love them brewed leaves....

Never Get Lost at Sea

(11 months ago)
Never Get Lost at SeaTime is the plain and simple difference between life and death at sea. This is especially true for water sports enthusiasts like surfers and skiers who...

An Easier Way to Hoard your Board

(11 months ago)
An Easier Way to Hoard your BoardIt’s funny how portability is such a relative word. Buildings aren’t portable, cars are. But in front of bicycles, even cars don’t seem that portable anymore....

Tectonic Time Telling

(11 months ago)
Tectonic Time TellingThe Tectonic Clock earns its namesake from the moving keys which it uses in place of hands. Each passing hour and minute is represented by a...

Accessorize with Audio

(11 months ago)
Accessorize with AudioBanded Bluetooth headphones get a bad rap for being LAME but Lamy is a whole ‘nother story! These minimalistic phones are aesthetically sleek to boost your...