Design archive for 2016-12-14

Aerial Grand Prix!

(11 months ago)
Aerial Grand Prix!Today marks a big day for drone tech. Amazon, the e-retail giant, conducted its first successful drone delivery today, giving one lucky customer their consignment completely...

Beauty Can Be Painless!

(11 months ago)
Beauty Can Be Painless!Long hair, don’t care! Unless, of course, you’re a wrist. That’s right… blowdrying those lovely locks takes a toll on this bendy body part when you...

Mercedes Getting All Domestic On us

(12 months ago)
Mercedes Getting All Domestic On usThe likelihood of Mercedes-Benz pursuing the home appliance industry is very low… but that doesn’t mean we can’t ask “What if?!”. PDF HAUS explores what we...

A Desk for Life

(12 months ago)
A Desk for LifeWhen is a desk more than just a desk? The answer: when it satisfies every need, space and context, becoming a lifelong working partner with the...