Design archive for 2016-12-16

Make mopeds great again

(3 years ago)
Make mopeds great againWe’ve seen bicycles styled to look like motorbikes, but never seen a moped styled to look as simple and innocuous as a bicycle! The Elmo golden...

The Future of Levitating Transportation

(3 years ago)
The Future of Levitating TransportationIt might not look like anything fancy, but the MIT Hyperloop Project aims to revolutionize the way we move. Using electromagnetic levitation, it offers fast, efficient...

Get Yourself a Kryptonite Keychain!

(3 years ago)
Get Yourself a Kryptonite Keychain!You’ll never own a keychain cooler than the Gaslight. It embodies absolute steampunk glory with its metal enclosure and a vial of glowing Embrite liquid on...

Free Your Fridge

(3 years ago)
Free Your FridgeWe are constantly hiding our ugly appliances, putting them behind doors or masking them as regular cabinets. It’s pure madness, really. A select few fridges, however,...