Design archive for 2016-12-19

Your personal Hyperloop!

(3 years ago)
Your personal Hyperloop!Looking like what I can only assume is a car-lover’s wet dream, the Mercedes Benz 2040 Streamliner concept puts two absolutely gnarly looking turbines on the...

DIY for Designers

(3 years ago)
DIY for DesignersThe Design 3.0 series explores how designers might conceive, assemble and distribute products themselves. The collection of self-produced objects includes furniture and lighting, each built with...

Carry your Dance Party with you!

(3 years ago)
Carry your Dance Party with you!We’ve spoken about how phones nowadays don’t match up to phones of the past in terms of audio power. It’s simple, honestly. The slimmer the phone,...

Sewww Stylish

(3 years ago)
Sewww StylishTwo distinct products… one sleek, sophisticated look. PDF HAUS applies the design language of unlikely pen-maker Lamy to a sewing machine. Modern and minimalistic, each variant...

Streamlined Workplace Safety

(3 years ago)
Streamlined Workplace SafetyIf you’ve ever worked a dangerous job, you know just how easy it is to get comfortable and forget the very gear that keeps you in...