Design archive for 2016-12-22

The Harley Davidson Paradigm Shift

(4 years ago)
The Harley Davidson Paradigm ShiftNo, Harley Davidson doesn’t make too many standard bikes. Yes, they totally should! Here’s what it would look like, according to Glorin Pavlovich Chiourea. Same Harley...

The Any-Size-Fridge

(4 years ago)
The Any-Size-FridgeExploring air thermal insulation capacity using the inflatable alveolar wall, the FRIGID AIR refrigerator is flexible. This unique feature allows you to change the volume of...

Literally a Razor Thin Blade!

(4 years ago)
Literally a Razor Thin Blade!The Skid knife looks pretty wicked… but I can’t really tell when the handle ends and the blade begins! Made out of 97% wood and just...

Micro On The Wall

(4 years ago)
Micro On The WallInnovative, creative and rethinking the spatial limitations of the current boxy microwave, we have here the Wall-Mountable Microwave Oven. If you ask me, I think this...

Kitsch Mobile Chair for the Lazy and the Needy

(4 years ago)
Kitsch Mobile Chair for the Lazy and the NeedyA lot of folks with mobility issues will much rather endure the pain and walk with sticks than use a wheelchair at home. The ILY-I offers...