Design archive for 2016-12-23

Your Eco-friendly Electric Escort

(12 months ago)
Your Eco-friendly Electric EscortMost designs solve simple problems, they don’t create ecosystems. Kuma is like the latter. This series of personal mobility vehicles aim to become worthy replacements of...

How VR should be!

(12 months ago)
How VR should be!I’ve owned Google Cardboard for about two years now. It’s gathering dust somewhere in my cupboard. The thing with VR is that people thought of just...

More than Brewing just Tea

(12 months ago)
More than Brewing just TeaThe science of tea brewing (Gongfu tea) is such that the water should always stay at 80ºC and the tea should not be steeped for long....

Heat Enough for a Cup of Coffee

(12 months ago)
Heat Enough for a Cup of CoffeeThere is legit waste of water when you boil a kettle full but use only a cup. The extra energy could have been used elsewhere –...