Design archive for 2016-12-27

The two-wheeler limousine

(12 months ago)
The two-wheeler limousineThe P75 Cidekick is what you get when you take tinkerers and mix them with wild imagination. When you take CAD Engineering and Simulations, and mix...

Traditionally Modern Tea

(12 months ago)
Traditionally Modern TeaComing right from Hangzhou China, the ‘it’ place for tea leaf production, the Hei tea set does an upgrade on ritualistic tea preparation. This singular tea...

E-moto Evolution

(12 months ago)
E-moto EvolutionOne look and you’ll see, the Vultran Type 3 just isn’t for everybody! Then again, not everyone wants a Lambo or Porsche. Look past its over-the-top...

The Sleekest Watch Ever Built

(12 months ago)
The Sleekest Watch Ever BuiltDid you know you could hold time in the palm of your hand? Well, not in that sense, but in a more literal sense… The Ring...

Beautifully Blank

(12 months ago)
Beautifully BlankBlank couldn’t be a more perfect name for this daybed sofa. Minimalist yet inviting, it strikes that ever elusive balance of bare and cozy. In raw...

Many Layered Lighting

(12 months ago)
Many Layered LightingLight, power, and music all in one… it’s all the rage! The latest in this luminaire trend, “UN” is like a layer cake of multi-functionality! On...